Sunday, October 18, 2015

Mocavo's records from The History of the Descendants of John Dwght of Dedham, Mass.

I recently searched the Internet for "Horace Dwight Hall" and, to my surprise, up popped a Mocavo record at The record included a scan of the page on which Horace's brief account appeared. 

Wouldn't you think that someone at Mocavo might wonder why a genealogy of the Wright family had a plethora of Dwights and not one Wright? I know - "the computer did it." Nevertheless, aren't there any real people at Mocavo?

Benjamin W. Dwight's The History of the Descendants of John Dwight of Dedham, Mass. (New York: John F. Trow & Son, 1874) is a well-known, two-volume compilation of the family of an early and prolific resident of Dedham. It is this genealogy that was scanned by Mocavo.

I found no way to alert Mocavo to this egregious error.