Saturday, May 30, 2015

From Buffalogen's photo collection

   This photograph at the left was taken by F. E. Perry of Perry's Point Photograhic Studio, Battle Creek, Michigan, which was in business in the late 1800s.  .
   The photo was inherited by a great-great-granddaughter of William Hamilton Blodgett (1823-1861) and his second wife, Agnes Eliza Parsons (1834-1900) of Green Bay, Brown County, Wisconsin, whose son, William Hamilton Blodgett Jr., married Elizabeth Ellen Sarah Clark of Manchester, New Hampshire, and settled in Hartford, Connecticut.

   Another great-great-granddaughter of William and Agnes Eliza inherited the photograph to the right and sent it to Buffalogen.  This third cousin is a descendant of Carrie Agnes Blodgett and her husband, Cassius Marcellus Upton, who was born in Battle Creek, Michigan..

   In Buffalogen's opinion, there is a striking ressemblance between the women in the two photographs - the wavy hair and hairline are distinctive and the eyes, nose and  mouth are similar. Both Blodgett descendants think they (or she) had some connection to the Blodgett and Upton families.