Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Three Virginians called Edward Marks Sr.


    In the late 1700s and early 1800s, there were three men in southeastern Virginia called Edward Marks Sr.  They were residents of Brunswick, Prince George, and Surry Counties.
    Edward Marks Sr. of Brunswick County, was born circa 1747 and died in Brunswick County before 26 March 1787.  He married Lucy Bailey in Surry County on 21 June 1768.  The couple had six or seven children.
    Edward Marks Sr. of Prince George County, was born before 1761 and died in Prince George County after 7 August 1820.  His wife Sally, whose maiden name is unknown, did not share in the division of his land and preumably pre-deceased him.  He had four children.
    Edward Marks Sr. of Surry County, was born in 1757, possibly in Brunswick County, and died in Surry County before 26 June 1837 when his will was proved.  He married Elizabeth Bishop in Sussex County on 24 February 1782.  She was not mentioned in her husband’s will, so presumably died before 21 September 1835.  Only one son has been conclusively identified, but there were probably other children.
    Many of the records of these counties have been destroyed, leaving large gaps devoid of land, probate, and vital records that could clarify the ancestors and descendants of these three Edwards.  Although no connection between them has been discovered, it is likely they were related.

    Is anyone interested in a DNA project encompassing known male descendants of these three men?